Friday, 2 December 2011

Recon 2011 less than 24 Hours away

Things are already well under way to ensure tomorrow show runs smoothly.  We will beopening the doors to the public at 10a.m. and the show will run untill 4p.m.

Entrance is £2.50, and £1.25 for under 12s.

See you at the show.


  1. All the very best - hope it all goes well. A bit of a trek for me this year, but maybe in 2012...

  2. Went to Recon and had a great time.

    However, I'm afraid that the show wins the "Worst advertised show of 2011" award.

    Apart from this blog, there is next to nothing on the Internet to advertise the show and I have a number of friends and colleagues who actually queried whether the show was still on with me.

    I would love to see the event go from strength to strength, so please get the word out far and wide next year to ensure even greater attendance.

  3. Your quite right DMStue, this blog was set up by myself as a favour to the organisers who where having trouble with their own website. Yes it might be have been too little too late, but it was better than nothing and as a trader attending the show it was in my interest to step up and try and make something happen. Over the next month or so I will be handing this blog over to the organisers, hopefully they will us it as a spring board to make the show more prominent. As it was though I thought the show did okay especially since many people may have been put off by the snow last year. What the show needs now though is more advertising, and you can help with that DMStue by making sure you tell everyone you can for next year.


    Craig @ Critical Mass Games